Instructions to register on TrackWrestling

Instructions to register for tournaments on TrackWrestling

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Click BROWSE on top menu

Step 3: Click TOURNAMENTS in drop down menu

Step 4: Click SEARCH EVENTS button (top middle)

Step 5: Enter Event Name and click search

Step 6: In the search results, click the name of the event

Step 7: Click Enter Event (user type: Viewer)

Step 8: Click REGISTRATION on left menu

Step 9: At this point you can create a Track account and it will save your information for future events, or you can continue as a guest

Step 10: Once you have entered your user name, you will enter the Tournament Registration page, click NEW REGISTRATION

Step 11: Click ADD WRESTLER

Step 12: Click NEW WRESTLER

Step 13: Enter all required information. Select team or enter new team

Step 14: If required enter AAU Card number (some events will not require card number, if not leave blank)

Step 15: Check box beside tournament name, select division, select weight class, select Separation Criteria

Step 16: Click Add Wrestler

Step 17: Copy down your wrestlers Trackwrestling # from the pop up box

Step 18: If you have more than one, click Add Another Wrestler, otherwise click Continue

Step 19: Complete billing/payment information.

Step 20: Confirm wrestler is entered by viewing the Wrestler List on the Registration page

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