UK Strike Warning

UK Strikes Warned EU Nationals Travelling to UK

Warned of Prolonged Waiting Times

Trippers entering the UK on 1 February could face long ranges as Border Force workers go on strike. Members of the Public and Commercial Service( PCS) union, including Border Force staff, preliminarily walked out over the Christmas and New Year period. Now they’re set to take part in what PCS says will be the” largest civil service strike for times”. The artificial action is set to start on 1 February and last until 7 am on 2 February.

The authorities will be transferring military labor force, civil retainers, and levies from across the government in order to support Border Force at all airfields and anchorages affected by the strike, yet detainments will be necessary. still, you should prepare for dislocation and check before you travel, ” the UK authorities have noted in a statement, “ If you’re travelling into the UK via any entry point.

Trippers are asked to be patient and admire the border staff, who are supporting them during the strike action, and to check with their trip agents, stint drivers, and airlines in order to understand more at what scale their trip may be affected by the strike.

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